Global Load Control renews contract with Singapore Airlines

Global Load Control (GLC) has announced the successful renewal of its centralised load control (CLC) services with Singapore Airlines (SIA).

This long-standing partnership, which began in 2008, extends GLC's role in supporting SIA's efficient and safe operations for several years to come.

"We value our partnership with this premium worldwide carrier," said Yolanda Haynes GLC’s Business Relationship Manager. "Starting with just a few flights handling the weight and balance for their US and Africa departures, we have grown to become their trusted partner, handling 95% of their outstations globally. We are committed to supporting them with continued innovation and process enhancements."

The renewed contract signifies SIA's continued trust in GLC's expertise and commitment to excellence. GLC's centralized load control services encompass a range of critical functions, including weight and balance calculations, load sheet creation, and dangerous goods management. By outsourcing these tasks to a specialized provider like GLC, SIA benefits from:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: GLC's centralised operations and experienced personnel enable streamlined load control processes, optimizing aircraft turnaround times and resource utilisation.
  • Improved Accuracy: Stringent quality control procedures and adherence to strict industry regulations ensure the accuracy and compliance of all load control activities.
  • Cost Optimisation: By leveraging GLC's expertise and economies of scale, SIA can achieve cost savings associated with in-house load control operations.
  • Global Reach and Expertise: GLC's global network of offices and diverse team of aviation professionals provide SIA with the support and knowledge required to navigate complex regulations and procedures across different operating environments.

"The extension of this long-standing partnership between Global Load Control and Singapore Airlines underscores the growing importance of specialised aviation services in today's competitive and dynamic air transport market. As airlines strive to optimise efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, partnering with a remote aviation services provider like GLC can offer a strategic advantage in achieving operational excellence," added Haynes.

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