OmniServ wins award from Heathrow airport

PRM Update
Heathrow's special assistance service provider, OmniServ, has won the Team Heathrow Passenger Health and Safety Award.

The accolade refers to the use of the innovative ProMove Sling, which was introduced across the airport's terminals earlier this year. The award was presented at the Team Heathrow Health & Safety Awards 2018, a Heathrow initiative to celebrate the performance of its external suppliers and contractors responsible for helping with the day-to-day running of the airport.

The ProMove Sling is designed and made in the UK, and allows a PRM to be transferred between aircraft seats and wheelchairs quickly, efficiently and safely. As such, the equipment complies with Health and Safety requirements and Manual Handling Regulations and is designed to allow two, three or four support personnel to share the load via the strategically-placed padded handles, allowing each to get a proper grip and spreading the weight that each individual person must lift.

OmniServ has worked in partnership with the airlines at Heathrow to deploy nearly 100 of the ProMove Sling devices across the airport’s terminals.

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