Kenya to host the return of African Aviation Week this September

Kenya will host the second African Aviation Week (16-20 September), championing best practice, market liberalisation and world-class safety standards.

The initiative is being promoted by Ground Handling International (GHI), Kenya Airways, the AviAssist Foundation and the AviaDev Africa forum.

The decision to bring the celebratory week to Kenya comes after the country became one of just eight in Africa to achieve Category One status for effective implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices and announced its first direct routes to the US.

The week will see more than 150 business leaders at airlines, airports, ground service providers and suppliers from across the region gather at the 5th African GHI Stakeholders’ Conference in Nairobi to debate a blueprint for more co-ordinated growth across the continent.

Max Gosney, GHI Conference Chairman, said: “We’re delighted to bring African Aviation Week back and continue our work celebrating African aviation trailblazers. It’s vital that we foster the stakeholder collaboration that‘s crucial to ensuring the continent delivers on its huge aviation growth potential.”

Africa is tipped to become the world’s fastest growing aviation market, with nearly 6% annual growth in passenger volumes over the next 20 years according to IATA figures. African Aviation Week aims to support that growth and help stakeholders break down barriers around protectionism, connectivity and the adoption of new technology.

Jon Howell, CEO and Founder, AviaDev, commented: “Knowledge sharing and the spirit of collaboration is something we advocate through all of our activities. The African Aviation Week is a great example of this, which we are confident will capitalise on the opportunities that exist for aviation development in Africa.”

Tom Kok, Director at the AviAssist Foundation, an organisation dedicated to promoting professionalism in African aviation safety, said: “Safety does not happen in isolation. That is why are happy to be part of this second edition of the African Aviation Week alliance and go outside our comfort zone to break down the silos in the industry.”

African Aviation Week debuted in Kigali, Rwanda, last September, with a series of aviation learning and training events and the backing of the Rwandan Government.

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