dnata to use Damarel FiNDnet Enterprise in the USA

Damarel is providing dnata with its latest generation FiNDnet Enterprise solution for ground handlers, which will be rolled out across stations in the USA.

The contract was signed at the 8th Americas GHI Conference, which was held from 25-27 June in Toronto, Canada by David Barker, Regional CEO Airport Operations at dnata and John Boult, Managing Director of Damarel.

The turnaround tool will be encompassed into dnata’s billing and turnaround process, and it will be integrated with AI cameras.

dnata will roll out the tool at Orlando International Airport by September, followed by John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York before implementing it across the rest of its US network by the end of March next year.

The solution is already being used by dnata in Brazil.

Paul Bruton, Consultant at Damarel said it is a brand new technology stack, capturing much more detail for service provisions and a more advanced precision timing schedule for tracking turnarounds and other processes.

James Kelly, Client Account Manager added that the new product can capture photos for risk mitigation so handlers can show how the aircraft was presented to them.

The legacy mobile application was purely online, Kelly added, saying: “You had to be connected in order to use it. The new application has offline functionalities so if you are out of signal for a period of time, you can still capture information, which will synchronise when you get back into range.”

The product can capture generic services, said Bruton, which can cover services in the hangar or cleaning the airline’s offices, along with a new deadload management feature.

“As well as presenting the flight, SLAs and service information to agents on the mobile device, we can present them with a list of all the inbound containers on the aircraft for unloading and see containers being built for departures, when they are on the stand ready for loading and identify if containers are missing,” said Bruton.

Boult added that dnata teams have experience of using the system so they can standardise procedures and processes, saying: “Using the centralised enterprise tool, they can compare and contrast, taking huge amounts of information, plug it into their business intelligence platforms to drill into details so they can bring everyone up to the dnata levels of excellence.”

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