Damarel and IATA collaborate on electronic invoicing

Tech Talk
FiNDnet Billing, Damarel's automated invoice system used by ground handlers worldwide, has recently undergone revisions in accordance with IATA's SIS initiative.

The latest version of FiNDnet now supports IATA's Simplified Interline Settlement initiative, which aims to standardise the structure and distribution of invoicing for the entire industry via an electronic invoicing platform. The motivation for this is not only to make the process more sustainable, by minimising the use of paper, but also to maximise efficiency and simplicity for business partners in the aviation industry. Ground handlers can expect to see monetary benefits, as the automation of invoicing through FiNDnet Billing is expected to reduce expenditures by as much as 80%, in addition to boosting revenues by over 4%, thanks to accurate invoicing, faster turnarounds and improved cashflow.

Damarel's billing system now delivers invoices directly to the SIS platform in electronic format (IS-XML), removing altogether the need for manual input and providing advantages including a single invoicing standard, a simplified dispute process and full data visibility. Already implemented in 181 countries, the IATA IS-XML standard is used by more than 350 airlines and 200 industry suppliers and covers all aspects of the handling operation, from scheduling to resource allocation and automated billing.

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