Swissport renews CEIV Pharma at Frankfurt Airport

Cargo UK & Europe
Swissport has renewed IATA CEIV Pharma certification at its Frankfurt Airport cargo centre.

The cargo facility was opened in November 2020 and provided critical pharma logistics during the pandemic from its first day.

It covers over 17,000 square metres and includes the Swissport Pharma Center with a 1,560 square metre area dedicated to temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments.

The Pharma Center has 1,300 square metres allocated to 15-25C and 260 square metres for products that need to be kept between 2-8C.

Andreas Behnke, Head of Swissport Cargo Services for Germany and Austria at Frankfurt Airport, said: “The recertification by IATA highlights our commitment to providing safe, efficient, and reliable pharmaceutical logistics solutions for our global customers. Our dedication to Frankfurt Airport translates to advantages for our airline customers, logistics partners, and the airport itself. This reinforces Frankfurt's position as a crucial hub for reliable temperature-controlled supply chains.”

The warehouse is located in the CargoCity South and has direct tarmac access and is equipped with advanced handling technology for seamless operations.

The automated material handling system can store and retrieve up to 115 main deck ULDs.

To make operations more sustainable, the Frankfurt facility operates an all-electric fleet of GSE and has the largest photovoltaic system at Frankfurt Airport, generating over 1.5 million kWh of sustainable solar energy annually.

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