Swissport tests automated vehicles in Frankfurt

Swissport has launched a pilot of unmanned, automated guided vehicles (AGV) at its Frankfurt Airport cargo centre.

The vehicle from Lödige Industries has a load capacity of 6.8 tonnes and is designed to transport a variety of unit load devices including 15 foot cargo containers inside the cargo centre.

It will reduce the need for manual handling and is fitted with an omnidirectional drive system with secure laser scanning to avoid collisions.

The AGV has the potential to connect all areas of the cargo facility, such as the Pharma Center, truck docks, castor decks, and the ULD storage area.

Dirk Goovaerts, Global Cargo Chair at Swissport, said, “The automated guided vehicle at our Frankfurt air cargo centre is an important next step in a long line of air cargo innovations that we have been implementing across the globe. The AGV has the potential to increase the efficiency, flexibility, and safety of Swissport’s air cargo handling services and to take our service delivery to the next level.”

Swissport’s 17,000sqm Frankfurt cargo centre, complete with the integrated CEIV-certified Pharma Center, is equipped with cutting edge technology and innovations.

An automated material handling system makes handling and storage processes efficient, and the FAIR@Link slot booking app controls the access to trucks and optimises workflows.

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