Listen: The GSE Podcast featuring GHI Chairman Max Gosney and other industry experts

Max Gosney, GHI Portfolio Director and Conference Chairman takes centre stage in the latest episode of The GSE Podcast, sponsored by Xcēd GSE leasing.

This episode, "Dinner on a Beach," brings listeners inside the 7th Americas GHI Conference, unveiling behind-the-scenes insights and experiences.

The GSE Podcast was initiated to highlight the dynamic world of Ground Support Equipment (GSE). The series aims to provide a platform for industry leaders like Max to share their perspectives and wisdom, fostering a sense of community and facilitating knowledge-sharing in the industry.

This episode, in particular, encapsulates the essence of GSE and the GHI conference, highlighting the atmosphere, networking opportunities, and the evolution of GSE. The host, Matt Weitzel, smoothly navigates the conversation, drawing out Max's vision for the GHI conference and its growing influence in the industry. Tune in for an enriching deep dive into GSE.

Episode 4: What to expect? 

The GSE Podcast is proudly sponsored by Xcēd ground support equipment leasing. Episode 4, entitled "Dinner on a Beach": GHI Americas Recap," takes you on a journey through the 7th America's GHI conference in Punta Cana.

The host, Matt Weitzel, engages in insightful conversations with four industry leaders:
Max Gosney, the GHI Portfolio Director and Conference Chairman
David Kennedy, Chief Customer Officer at Quantum Aviation Solutions
Suzanne Woodward, Global Marketing Manager for JBT AeroTech
Raven Honsaker, Director of Aftermarket for Textron GSE

In this episode, you'll discover: 

  •  The unique atmosphere and networking opportunities at the GHI conference
  •  Personal "peak and pit" experiences of each guest from the conference
  •  The significance of the GHI conference for professionals in the GSE industry
  •  The evolving role of technology and digitalization in GSE
  •  The challenges and strategies involved in maintaining and upgrading equipment
  •  Whether you're a seasoned GHI attendee or considering attending your first conference, this episode offers an inside look at the GHI conference and its impact on the industry

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Stay tuned for more enlightening discussions on The GSE Podcast!

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