iPort unveils new rebranding

Tech Talk
iPort has unveiled exciting new rebranding as it celebrates 15 years of providing high quality solutions to airlines, ground handlers and airports worldwide.

With this rebranding, iPort is proud to introduce a new tagline demonstrating its customer centric approach: "iPort: Departure & Load Control Solutions - complete but not complex."

From its inception as a departure control system (DCS), iPort has now evolved into multiple advanced departure & load control solutions, active in over 400 airports across all continents.

iPort has come a long way since its foundation. "Our journey from a basic departure control system 15 years ago, to the comprehensive solutions we offer today is a testament to the trust and confidence our partners have placed in us," said Hans van Engelen, CEO at Res2, the company behind iPort. "We have evolved together, and today, we stand as a mature and reliable partner in the aviation sector."

Their dedication to innovation is shown by the introduction of new add-ons. iSales, the ancillary sales module. iPax, the DCS in mobile handheld app-format for agents. iRamp, the mobile app for ramp agents to communicate effectively with their peer load controller.

These additions have been developed with the help of valuable insights from the iPort community, further demonstrating the company's commitment to delivering solutions tailored to the industry.

"We speak in plain language and are known to go that extra mile to ensure your flights succeed," van Engelen added. "We believe in growing together, listening to each other and at iPort, we are always prepared to go the extra mile."

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