INFORM partners with HiSERV to improve GSE efficiency

INFORM will provide software services to operate and manage the entire fleet of GSE service provider HiSERV, as part of a new strategic partnership announced today.

Pictured: Roland Ückert, CEO of HiSERV

In cooperation with INFORM, HiSERV will be offering SmartFLEET, which leverages on-board units that collect information and telemetry data including position of the unit on the apron, fill levels, operating tours, usage data, and alarm messages to maximise the efficiency of GSE assets.

Customers can access reports and dashboards to perform analysis and to check KPIs. The analysis can drill down to the level of a single GSE unit to check maintenance procedures, degree of utilisation and CO2 emissions.

In addition to metrics and analytics, SmartFLEET technology allows HiSERV to offer consulting services, pay-per-use offerings, and the ability to pool and share GSE resources across various users in the airport environment.

The partnership contract was signed by Uschi Schulte-Sasse, Senior Vice President, Aviation Division at INFORM, and Roland Ückert, CEO of HiSERV.

Schulte-Sasse stated: “The unique combination of HiSERV’s ground fleet and network and INFORM’s powerful, AI-driven optimisation technology, allows customers to achieve cost-saving efficiencies while improving operational excellence. With this specific use case, HiSERV’s clients benefit from dashboards, reports and consulting services based on advanced technologies that can help them deliver exceptional value to their customers.”

Roland Ückert emphasised that SmartFLEET is not merely a system or a solution; it goes beyond that. “In conjunction with our consulting services, we can assist our customers and partners in optimising their entire GSE fleet. The holistic approach is straightforward: 'track your GSE units, gain insights through transparency, and manage your GSE fleet accordingly.' This ultimately leads to cost reduction and enhances GSE efficiency and availability. Moreover, predictive maintenance information enhances the safety levels of GSE, while also reducing ground handling delays caused by GSE, benefiting overall aircraft handling. We are delighted to have developed SmartFLEET in collaboration with INFORM and will continually expand it to meet customer needs and requirements.”


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