ILA 2024: HiSERV gets large aircraft into place

GSE UK & Europe
Ground support solutions provider HiSERV used its modern GSE fleet to get aircraft into place for the Berlin Air Show.

To assist with preparations for the ILA, which is being held from 5 – 9 June, HiSERV used its pushbacks to get two Airbuses, an A380 and a Beluga into position.

The A380 was moved into place with a Trepel Challenger 430 and a 430 and a Trepel Charger 380e were used for the Beluga.

They joined more than 30 pieces of GSE from HiSERV at the show including passenger stairs, GPUs, conveyor belts, highloaders, toilet and water service units and material to secure aircraft.

Roland Ückert, Managing Director of HiSERV, said: “We are delighted to support the ILA this year again with our strong fleet of modern GSE. Many of our provided GSE are battery-powered and show that power, reliability and lower emissions on the apron go well together.”

HiSERV provided GSE to move several pieces of GSE for ILA to move civilian and military aircraft, and even a helicopter, telling GHI they included the C-130 Hercules, C-17 Globemaster, E-3 Sentry (Awacs), A350, A321 XLR, Do 328 and an A310 ZeroG.

A lot of equipment was electric-powered with HiSERV saying: “The interest of the organisers and the demand of electric equipment has been growing in the past few years.”

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