EPG wins Acciona contract to roll out GHS at airports

EPG’s highly successful GHS ground handling software system has won the trust of another new client.

Spanish-based global ground-handling specialist Acciona has now rolled out the cutting-edge billing management software across all of its airports in Germany, Spain, Dominican Republic and Chile. EPG is a globally renowned software provider with over 25 years of experience in the aviation environment.

Thanks to GHS, Acciona can now rely on faster, smoother, and more transparent billing processes, with the added benefit that nothing is missed in the invoicing process. This is a big win in the fast-moving ground-handling world, where lead times are short, and activities can change at short notice and without warning. The billing process needs to reflect accurately the tasks and processes carried out.

Wide functionality and easy-to-use interface
Acciona managers were impressed by the GHS package’s wide range of functionality and easy-to-use interface as well as the first-class support offered by EPG engineers. Features include preparation of handling contracts, connectivity with Acciona’s Flight and Service Management system and invoicing and billing for all ground handling services provided. All services that go beyond the original contract are recorded as ad hoc services and are billed based on the agreed tariff.

Víctor Carballo, Director of Acciona Airport Services, confidently expects to improve the service provided to the airlines: “With GHS Billing Management we expect to be more precise in order to be transparent in our relationship with our customers and to reduce the administrative workload for both parties.”


Customized package
Acciona’s package is fully customized to their requirements. Having selected GHS from a range of competitive bids from different suppliers, Acciona worked hand-in-hand with EPG engineers and experts over a period of months to make sure the package of tools was perfectly attuned to their specific needs.

It is a fully SaaS solution hosted in EPG’s EPX and includes a facility to export invoicing information from it to Acciona’s own accounting system. “It is intuitive and user-friendly requiring only a short period of on-the-job training for personnel,” enthused Acciona’s Daniel Aguirre.

“EPG was a great help throughout this period,” reports Daniel Aguirre. “They tried to explore all possible issues in making sure that our requests and requirements were met. There was a lot of work to do in a short time, but they were always positive and proactive.”

After a go-live at Duesseldorf and Palma de Mallorca in May 2022, the two stations ran parallel successfully before full roll-out took place in on August 1, 2022, with GHS now in use at every Acciona airport in Spain, Germany, Dominican Republic and Chile.

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