Dynamic duo Aviaco GSE and XYZ Dynamics win multiple orders for their electric retrofits in Italy.

Since 2021, the partnership between XYZ Dynamics and Aviaco GSE has gone from strength to strength. With XYZ Dynamic’s engineering prowess and Aviaco GSE’s extensive background in the GSE sector it has become a winning combination in the field of converting existing diesel GSE to electric.

Now after an intensive period of testing and trialling their electric pushback prototypes over the last year, the duo is proud to announce that ground handler Aviation Services in Italy has signed an agreement in partnership with both companies to convert eight TMX 150 tractors.

The electric vehicles, which can push narrowbody aircraft up to 165 tonnes, have an impressive battery life of 20-25 pushes per charge and have been fully rebuilt to CE standards ensuring the highest safety and quality standards.

The lithium battery-powered units are not only 90% cleaner with zero emissions and lower fuel consumption (a minimum 40% fuel saving), but the operating costs are also 25% less than normal. Maintenance, repairs and equipment downtime are minimised because AC motor technology is more efficient and produces less wear and tear.

In this current economic climate, therefore, it’s understandable why eGSE is proving to be one of the most affordable and sustainable options available for operators.

“Purchasing one of our converted machines works out at 50% cheaper than purchasing a brand new electric vehicle – it’s a no-brainer,” said Danny Vranckx, CEO of Aviaco GSE, which is one of the largest companies in the world supplying refurbished and new GSE for the industry, with offices in Belgium, Spain, Holland, Kenya and Dubai.

“If companies are sustainability-minded, it makes sense to them to take their existing machine, refurbish it and rebuild it to electric instead of either throwing it on the scrap heap or phasing it out or parking it somewhere.

"If you consider what happens when you must dispose of a diesel machine and all the associated elements: the engine, the oil, the rubber, the steel, everything normally ends up in landfill, but by taking an existing machine and converting from diesel to electric, it’s a win-win as it extends the life of the machine and it’s good for the environment.

“In fact, we are making such a huge impact on the environment we should be awarded and recognised by the authorities for the work we are doing and the real difference we are making in reducing carbon footprint.”

The recent order from Aviation Services also includes five converted electric passenger stairs. “We are very pleased with how this partnership is going with XYZ Dynamics,” said Vranckx.

On a social media post by Aviation Services, it publicly thanked Aviaco GSE and XYZ Dynamics for their excellent work, before adding: “We will extend this partnership to deploy more projects for a green future.”

“As part of our mission to accelerate the energy transition for GSE, we are thrilled with this latest exciting development with Aviaco GSE and Aviation Services,” said Alex Pap, CEO of XYZ Dynamics.

“Our team of engineers and mechanics worked hard and produced excellent work, and after an intensive period of testing last year with our drivetrain, we are fully confident to deliver these high-quality electric products to our client in Italy.”

Pap is positive about more upcoming orders in the future too, adding: “Because we are moving fast, we have a strong competitive advantage due to a relatively short lead-time and a cost-effective product – in the end we only need to install a new drivetrain.”

The rental and full-leasing side of the business is also doing extremely well at Aviaco GSE. The cost is all-in and companies have flexibility, meaning they can return the machines when the contract is finished or even before. In addition, they offer pooling options with different users for the same machine to optimise costs and save space at the airport.

“As we come out of this crisis and everyone is struggling with cash, rental is becoming more and more important for operators,” added Vranckx. “We are doubling our turnover in rental because we constantly have machines available and ready to go.”

For more information about Aviaco GSE visit www.aviaco-gse.com


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