WISAG digitises air freight processing with EPG’s Cargo Handling System

Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) and WISAG Aviation Service Holding have extended their long-standing relationship with the introduction of the CARGO Handling System at Berlin-Brandenburg, Hamburg and Münster-Osnabrück airports.

This renewed collaboration underlines the two companies’ trust and their commitment to lead the way in the complex world of ground handling.

When WISAG Aviation Service Holding decided to upgrade its freight handling capabilities by introducing a successor to its previous ELWIS solution, the focus was on the extensive demands of freight processes, how to handle complex customs formalities, telex communication, and the automation of contract and billing management.

WISAG deals annually with around 53,000 take-offs, 6.2 million passengers and almost 65,000 tonnes of cargo, making it the largest private full-service provider of airport services in Germany. So it needed a high-performance and at the same time resilient warehouse solution, which is exactly what the powerful CARGO Handling System from the aviation experts at EPG delivers.

EPG looks back on over ten years of collaboration with WISAG, which it has supplied with a comprehensive aviation execution suite. Its Ground Handling System (GHS) has been in use since 2011, digitising and optimising the billing of handling services at WISAG locations. This experience informed the search for a new warehouse solution. 

“WISAG and EPG look back on a long and successful ground handling partnership, in which EPG has proven a dependable partner offering solutions that meet our needs. The introduction of CARGO is another stage in our alliance and will help make our freight processes even more efficient,” says Wolfram Greb, Head of Aviation IT at WISAG.

CARGO gives the air freight service provider a complete, modular, digital solution for all its cargo handling processes, from electronic warehouse management, consignment import and export, digital process management and seamless AWB management, all the way to mobile service registration. The solution minimises manual processes at the sites, allowing WISAG to benefit from a consistent flow of information.

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