Azmar Air to use GALAXY software system

Tech Talk
Azmar Air, cargo ground handler at Sulaymaniyah International airport in Iraq, has chosen to use Kale's Airport Cargo management software system, GALAXY, for its handling operations.

The new system is both compliant with local regulations and meets all global e-freight requirements in supporting the operations of a cargo ground handler. Azmar wanted an IT solution that would facilitate the handling of all airport terminal requirements like- e-freight compliance, warehouse management, vehicle management, and which would send real-time updates to trade partners and carry out EDI messaging, amongst others. General Manager Cargo Village, Indrajit Marath, said: "We chose GALAXY over other well-known applications because this system meets the requirement of cargo handling in its entirety. It has been around the market for a long time and has a good service name."

GALAXY is being used by leading airport cargo handlers around the world, including Bahrain Airport Services, Mumbai International airport and all leading International airports in India. The software can handle different categories of cargo like General, Hazardous and Valuable, and automates the operational processes, providing comprehensive information on consignment status, cargo tracking and terminal operations to customers as well as the management. Additionally, GALAXY can integrate with other airline and ground handling systems to enable the smooth flow of information throughout the value chain.

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