SAHCO upgrades GSE fleet

Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) has upgraded its GSE fleet with new Passenger Step Units, an Air Starter Unit and two high loaders.

The 10 Passenger Step Units were manufactured by Mallaghan and are suitable for different types of aircraft from Airbus A320s up to large aircraft such as Boeing 747s and Airbus A380s.

They are fitted with proximity sensors that shut down the equipment’s engines when they are positioned too close to the aircraft to prevent them damaging the aircraft.

The Air Starter Unit from Guinault has an eco-friendly engine and a steel chassis to reduce the rate of corrosion.

A safety device is attached to the fuel gauge so it can be shut down when the fuel is less than 30 litres to prevent engine damage due to fuel shortage.

Two Airmarrel High Loader LAM 7000s have been acquired and they have the ability to load 7 tonnes of pallets of containers at one time.

They come with proximity sensors and electrical and hand emergency pumps, which can be used in case of emergency.

SAHCO Engineering has also produced 20 baggage carts to be used in Abuja, and SAHCO says they are a major improvement on their European counterparts.

They can carry more baggage, have rugged side guides with heavy duty hinges and are more manoeuvrable than their European counterparts.

Basil Agboarumi, Managing Director and CEO of SAHCO said: “As always, we are an aviation ground handling provider and what we stand for and want to be known for is not just to provide services but to provide excellent ground handling services and we have an understanding as an organisation that for us to be able to provide that kind of services, we must have staff that are well trained in what they do and have the right equipment to work with.”

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