ITW GSE 3500 PCA: Raising the bar on gate economy

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ITW GSE is introducing a groundbreaking PCA with state-of-the-art technology that gives airports the opportunity to not only optimise the airflow, but also reduce infrastructure costs.

With the added features of low energy consumption, the new ITW GSE 3500 PCA is certainly a game changer in the GSE industry.

Optimal airflow with automation
Automated Aircraft Type Detection. This is the name of the technology that enables the ITW GSE 3500 PCA to optimise the airflow. It does so through an integration with VDGS, BMS or other data collecting systems which automatically transfers information of the arriving aircraft type to the PCA as soon as the aircraft approaches the gate. From its aircraft data base, the PCA knows the exact aircraft setting, which means that the 3500 PCA can deliver an optimal airflow to the cabin instead of an average airflow determined by the aircraft category. The Automated Aircraft Type Detection is a new feature. It not only optimises the airflow, but also increases the cooling performance by more than 50%. This enhances the cabin temperature and ensures a higher passenger comfort.

The smart choice for airport infrastructure
The Intelligent Power Management (IPM) concept introduced by ITW GSE is already setting new standards for contact gates. The new ITW GSE 3500 PCA is the master of the IPM concept meaning that the PCA monitors all connected equipment at the aircraft gate. If the GPUs require maximum power for a short period of time, the PCA simply adjusts its own consumption to stay below the pre-set current limit of the complete gate system. This happens quickly and smoothly, and passengers will not feel any change in the cabin temperature.

The IPM is the smart solution for all airports wanting to grow their capacity at a gate without investing in more infrastructure. Customers are beginning to understand the benefits of smarter utilisation of available power at a stand because they can add more equipment without heavy infrastructure investments to the existing electrical infrastructure.

“ITW GSE’s vision to be the cleanest, most reliable and most cost-effective supplier in the market is not just something we say, it’s based on real aircraft demand. With our IPM solution, we focus on a total gate solution rather than on individual products,” explains David Feuga, Regional Sales Director, Middle East & Africa. “The gate solution offers numerous advantages for our customers. From easier installation, optimised efficiency, precise airflow, and the option to recharge other equipment at the gate as well. At the end, our customers benefit from a lower total cost of ownership and get a sustainable solution. That’s our value proposition.”

Two-in-one solution
The ITW GSE 3500 is not just a PCA - it comes with the option of a built-in 400 Hz GPU. Integrating the GPU in the PCA means that you save space and reduce the weight under the PBB. Consequently, instead of having two boxes that communicate and share power, the ITW GSE 3500 is a single enclosure that controls the complete system which makes it easier to install and consequently lower infrastructure costs. This makes it the ideal solution for narrow body contact gates.

Dual production facility to meet global demand
The new 3500 PCA will be manufactured from ITW GSE’s facilities in both Odense, Denmark and Palmetto, Florida. The first units will leave the ITW GSE Odense, Denmark later this year and a few months later ITW GSE will manufacture and deliver the same product from the Florida facility. Manufacturing in Denmark will ensure the supply to the international markets outside of the Americas, while the set-up in Palmetto will meet the potential demands from a growing PCA market within the Americas.

The supply chain is already set up to feed both locations, 1:1 manufacturing processes are in place and employees have been trained and are well prepared to start up production. The expectations of the new PCA are high as the company believes that it will become a new star on the ITW GSE sky.

With a commitment to supplying the aviation industry with the cleanest, most reliable, and cost-efficient GSE systems available, the new 3500 PCA is definitely proof of concept and a demonstration of the company’s capacity.

The smart choice for airport infrastructure

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