GSE activity exceeds pre-Covid levels globally

The world’s airports have resumed operations with greater GSE activity, exceeding pre-Covid levels, according to latest research by Targa Telematics.

The IoT company found there was an increase of 23.12% globally in aircraft servicing and support activity from 22 December to 6 January compared to the same period in 2019/2020.

Europe also performed well, with an increase of 5.88%, with the UK slightly behind, albeit still growing by 3.11%.  Although Italy lagged behind, reporting average daily vehicle activity down by 5.62% compared to 2019/2020.    

Targa Telematics has more than 3.2 million connected assets including service vehicles (such as baggage tractors, passenger buses, luggage loaders, towing vehicles, etc.)

The company is one of the main global players in the IoT field and in developing solutions and digital platforms for connected mobility and strengthened its footprint in European markets as well as Chile following the acquisition of Viasat Group, which was finalised in 2023.

Thomas Smith, Country Manager of Targa Telematics UK, said: "Targa Telematics is supporting ground handling operations around the world with our specialised GSE telematics solutions, allowing us to provide a reliable assessment of activity rates based on real usage data."

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