Dynell triples capacity to meet demand for CO2-neutral ground power

Dynell is expanding its manufacturing output by the end of this year to meet demand for CO2-neutral ground power supply.

The company aims to triple its current capacity by adding another 3,700m² to its existing facility in Mistelback near Wels, Austria.

With its groundbreaking solid-state GPU technology, Dynell wants to make a significant contribution to climate-neutral aviation.

But due to the disproportionate growth of the company and the demand for CO2-neutral ground power supply, it can no longer meet this high demand at its current premises.

The new facility will exclusively produce emissions-free GPUs, with precautions taken to ensure that production is as efficient as possible, emphasising the importance of high efficiency and energy-saving during production.

Michael Brandstoetter, Head of Sales and Marketing, Dynell, says sales of 2023 were significantly more compared to the previous years and by the middle of last year they saw the industry was fully back at least in Europe and USA.

"The outlook for 2024 is very exciting and the challenge will be towards lead times which are currently offered by OEMs in the market versus the demand of the industry. We are extremely proud of our team and the dedicated performance of all our employees over the past 5 years. Each employee has made a significant contribution to our growth and establishing Dynell as a new innovative GPU player in the industry," he added. 

Gunnar Korb, CEO of Dynell, said: "The expansion underscores Dynell's sustainable growth strategy and adaptability to dynamic market conditions. The announcement not only reflects the company's growth but also positive developments in the aviation industry as a whole and in the field of electrification.

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