Drones, robots and EV top topics for GHI’s Cargo Zone in Lisbon

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Deploying drones, humanoid operatives and electric GSE to optimise air cargo journeys are among the headline seminars at GHI’s Cargo Zone in Lisbon this November.

The dedicated workshop area at the 24th Annual GHI Conference will feature two days of keynote talks from industry leaders on harnessing innovations and growth opportunities in air freight.

The programme is out now with headline sessions from Alliance Ground International, Avianca, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Hactl taking place on 28 and 29 November.

Some highlight presentations include:

Drones: Cargo by remote control are unmanned aircraft the future?
Investigating Dronamics, a new concept in cargo logistics that promises middle-mile transport by unmanned aircraft at a fraction of the time, cost and carbon footprint.
Peter Hewett, Director Global Cargo, Security & Network Operations, Dronamics

Robotics: Android-led cargo excellence
Investigating how removing humans from the cargo handling journey could be a boon for safety, OTP, cost and supply chain efficiency in the coming decades. The session will explore how a new generation of humanoid style robots are primed to transform cargo.
Jeff Cardenas, CEO, Apptronik

GSE: equipment innovations to aid the future of cargo handling
This session will ask leading manufacturers to explore the most exciting GSE adaptions heading for tomorrow’s cargo apron. What are the possibilities for automated loaders and tugs to transform the cargo journey to and from aircraft?

The GHI Cargo Zone is held in proud partnership with Alliance Ground International and will champion best practice sharing between airlines, GSPs airports and suppliers in pursuit of cargo excellence.

The Cargo Zone was founded in 2019 to recognise the growing importance cargo services to aviation operators across the supply chain.

There are a limited number of spaces at the Cargo Zone seminars and we recommend pre-registering for your preferred sessions asap to avoid disappointment.

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