BGS to fuel Pegasus Airlines at Riga and Tallinn airports

Baltic Ground Services (BGS) has signed a fuelling agreement with the Türkiye’s leading low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines at Riga and Tallinn international airports.

This new partnership comes from BGS's acquisition of Nafteli Eesti AS last summer.

Vitalis Dudys, the BGS Group’s Head of Commerce, noted that this acquisition strengthened BGS's presence in the Estonian aircraft fuelling market and allowed the company to add prominent clients to its roster.

“Pegasus has a strong standing in Riga and Tallinn’s airports. Both the latter and the former are demonstrating significant growth. Needless to say, we see great future potential in these markets,” he said.

BGS is part of the Avia Solutions Group – the world’s largest ACMI service company group, which operates a fleet of 213 aircraft.

Companies belonging to the group also provide a variety of other aviation services, such as aircraft repair, pilot and crew training, and ground handling.

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