TLD and EasyMile finalise TractEasy driverless baggage tractor

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TLD has announced that a prototype for the TractEasy driverless baggage tractor will soon be in operation.

Co-developed by TLD and EasyMile in a strategic partnership signed last October, TLD has now announced that the TractyEasy prototype will be deployed into live operations with launch customers (including airlines, airports and industrial users) during the third quarter of this year. The new vehicle will then be available for general sale in the second half of 2019.

Dedicated to transferring baggage from the terminal to the aircraft area, the TractEasy is a driverless version of the JET-16 and said to be the first in what will later become a full range of driverless TLD vehicles.

With top speeds of 25 kilometres per hour, the tractor is categorized as an SAE Level 4 automated vehicle, designed to be safer than any human-driven equivalent. For optimal safety, obstacle detection features include both anti-collision software and the safety chain.

Additional benefits include minimal energy consumption and significant operational cost savings. Customers can expect to recoup their initial outlay in 1-2 years, taking potential manpower savings into consideration. The vehicle can also be deployed in as little as three months from contract signing to operations.

Battery and charging management are included in the software and automatic charging is planned and should be offered in 2020.

Yves Crespel, TLD Group Communication Director, told GHI: “It is great to finally reveal our fully autonomous baggage and industrial tractor.With this strategic partnership with EasyMile at TLD we're fully into the deployment phase with testing done in both airport and industrial environments."

A video on the TractEasy can be viewed here:

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