Menzies Aviation completes acquisition of Groundforce Portugal

Menzies Aviation has completed its acquisition of Groundforce Portugal with TAP retaining a stake in the business.

Groundforce Portugal manages more than 100,000 aircraft turns at five of Portugal’s busiest airports and the acquisition gives Menzies a 65% market share in Portugal.

The agreement was announced in March 2023 and Menzies Aviation has taken a 50.1% stake with TAP retaining the other 49.9%.

Groundforce Portugal will be rebranded as Menzies Aviation, adding more than 4,000 employees to Menzies’ network.

The employees work at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon, Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport in Porto, Gago Coutinho Airport in Faro, Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport and Porto Santo Airport on Madeira.

TAP and Menzies Aviation will invest in advanced technology to improve standards, efficiency and ensure sustained growth.

Hassan El-Houry, Executive Chairman of Menzies Aviation, said: “We are committed to our strategic investment in the region, paving the way for a future where innovation and excellence take centre stage. This milestone opens a new chapter for Menzies in Portugal and the Southern European region, and we look forward to working together to deliver high-quality services across the country’s aviation network.”

Philipp Joeinig, Group CEO at Menzies Aviation, added: “The integration of Groundforce Portugal employees into Menzies is eagerly anticipated, as their expertise will provide invaluable in fostering the growth and expansion of Portugal’s aviation sector.”

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