DINOBUS begins live operations at European airports

The fully electric DINOBUS has been successfully deployed for real-life operations at European airports.

It was introduced by Busnex, an experienced EU-based provider of green public transportation solutions.

The 14-metre bus has a range of up to 200 kilometres on a full charge and a passenger capacity of 120 people.

Giedrius Lelevicius, Business Development Manager at DINOBUS, said: “With the aviation industry placing a growing emphasis on sustainability and the European Commission setting ambitious environmental goals, companies should proactively embrace sustainable practices and technologies sooner rather than later.

“We are delighted to see the enthusiastic response to the fully electric apron buses DINOBUS, as key industry players express their readiness to take the next step towards more eco-friendly operations.”

For some time already, ground handler BGS has integrated DINOBUS buses into its ground support equipment (GSE) fleet.

According to Gytis Gumuliauskas, CEO from BGS, “We firmly believe that DINOBUS buses have the potential to be a highly valuable and cost-effective addition to our fleet. Our experience thus far has involved using these buses within our day-to-day operations, and we have been thoroughly impressed by the quality these machines offer.”

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