Changi Airport and Aurrigo test new fleet of Auto-DollyTugs

Changi Airport Group (CAG) and Aurrigo International plc have agreed to bring in a fleet of four autonomous baggage handling vehicles at Changi Airport following a successful two-year trial.

The Auto-DollyTug has showcased its resilience in all weather conditions and demonstrated its ability to maneuver on the apron while interacting with traditional ground service equipment and directly sideways into confined spaces within the baggage hall.

Additionally, its 360-degree tank turn capabilities and integrated robotic arms enable the vehicle to automatically load and unload ULDs with precision, streamlining operations.

The next phase of testing will now be between the Auto-DollyTugs’ fleet communication through Aurrigo’s Auto-Connect platform, enabling them to be scheduled and monitored to support the turnaround of a widebody flight.

It is expected that this new generation of airport baggage handling vehicles, designed, engineered and built in the UK, will arrive in Singapore in the coming months.

Professor David Keene, Chief Executive Officer at Aurrigo, commented: “This is a milestone moment for the aviation sector and paves the way for the future adoption of our Auto-DollyTug’s for servicing of live flights in the near term. Changi Airport Group have been exploring this technology with us since 2020 and the results of significant testing have given them the confidence to place this next contract with us.”

Poh Li San, Senior Vice President, Terminal 5 Specialised Systems at Changi Airport Group, concluded: “We look forward to trialing the fleet of four Auto-DollyTugs in Phase 2B and to validate our new concept of operations to support the turnaround of a widebody flight together with our ground handlers.”

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