Aurrigo to deploy its first Auto-Dolly Tug in the US

Aurrigo this spring will be deploying their first autonomous baggage tractor in the US at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).

Picture: David Keene, Aurrigo, Candace McGraw, CVG, and Greg Paton (IAG)

The partnership with International Airlines Group, (IAG), is a milestone for the company to enter the US for the first time, one of their key markets.

If the year-long trial is successful, additional vehicles will be deployed in 2025.

Auto-DollyTug is an all-electric, autonomous vehicle that combines the utility of a baggage tractor, with the ULD carrying capability of an airport dolly all in one, making a more flexible and space efficient vehicle.

“This year we will have our autonomous vehicles operating at airports in the UK, Europe, Asia and now the US, showing the clear demand there is in the aviation sector for our technology” said Aurrigo CEO, Professor David Keene.

 “We’re pleased to be partnering with IAG beyond the UK and to be building a presence at a key international airport. We are demonstrating vehicles that are designed from the ground up to be electric and autonomous to provide substantial efficiency improvements in future ground handling operations.”

 “We look forward to working with Aurrigo and IAG to identify potential solutions to help address many of the issues that aviation currently faces: staffing shortages, safety, capacity and environmental concerns, among others,” said Candace McGraw, Chief Executive Officer, CVG.

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