Aviramp releases the 'Chair Lifter'

Aviramp has released its latest product the ‘Chair Lifter' to help transport wheelchairs into the aircraft hold.

The Aviramp Chair Lifter can be towed using a single tug for multiple aircraft drops, having the capability of carrying up to three EMAs weighing up to 300kg each.

The Chair Lifter is pre-loaded at the terminal where the wheelchairs are pushed up an extending ramp onto a carry tray. It's centrally located solar-powered lift raises to allow the tray to be moved to one side on a roller bed. Once in place, the lifting section is then lowered to enable further Electric Mobility Aids (EMA) to be loaded.

The EMAs are immediately transported to the aircraft belt loader where a bridging ramp, consisting of a ball bearing roller track, is lowered onto the belt. The tray containing the EMA can be easily pushed onto the belt. The flat tray also acts as protection for the belt unit, spreading the load instead of point loading of wheels. It also prevents the EMA from falling off the belt loader completely, which often happens in many cases when using alternative methods. Once at the top of the belt, a small lip-ramp is lowered from the tray and the EMA is simply wheeled into the aircraft hold. The tray can then be returned to the Chair Lifter for further use.

There is no manual lifting whatsoever throughout the entire process which makes it more user friendly whilst enhancing Health & Safety compliance.


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