Aviramp cuts carbon emissions at Roland-Garros airport

Aviramp has helped Roland-Garros International Airport on Reunion Island to cut its carbon footprint for passenger boarding with solar-powered boarding ramps and bridges.

The solar-powered boarding ramps and bridges replace traditional air-stair and Ambulift operations, providing the benefits of significantly cutting operational carbon emissions and improving safety by having fewer vehicle movements around aircraft.

The contract was supported by EU funding to introduce one Aviramp Lite for ultra-narrowbody aircraft, two Aviramp Continentals for narrowbody and mid-sized aircraft and three Internationals for widebody aircraft.

One International is being used against the building to replace stair access from the first floor to the ground floor.

The solar-powered ramps give passengers unrestricted access while boarding and disembarking, including children and passengers with disabilities.

Wheelchairs can be pushed up and down the low-angled slopes, which are designed and tested for optimum safety of PRM wheelchair handlers when pushing wheelchairs.

Passengers with eyesight problems are assisted by flat areas being painted in a different colour to the slopes and handrails are painted in a contrasting colour.

The fully covered units offer full weather protection during inclement weather and the aircraft door canopy protects the aircraft cabin when deployed.

Walkway lighting enhances night-time operations.

The €1 million project was completed in December 2023 with eight weeks of assembly work on site.

The units completed their first wind test when a tropical cyclone with wind speeds exceeding 100mph hit the island.

Although they had been stored in preparation for the cyclone, they were still hit by headwinds but survived as the cyclone past.

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