Airbus launches Agnet Turnaround at PTE

Airbus Public Safety and Security has developed a new innovative smart platform dedicated to airport and ground handlers.

Launched at this week’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Frankfurt, Agnet Turnaround improves safety and punctuality while reducing operational costs.

Beyond fostering real-time situational awareness of workflows, automation plays a key role in augmenting ground operational productivity through automatic group creation, alerts and resource allocation.

By integrating direct communication capabilities, Agnet Turnaround stands out as a pivotal solution benefiting the entire airport ecosystem.

“With this launch, Airbus reaches a new milestone bringing its long-standing experience in secure communications and enables stakeholders within the airport industry to meet the challenges of operational efficiencies, collective performance. This solution is opening doors to automation,” said Eric Davalo, Head of Strategic Development at Airbus Public Safety and Security.

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