Watch now: How digitalisation can help drive efficiency savings

At a time when ramp operations are suffering due to poorly skilled workers and labour shortages, digitalisation can be part of the solution to plugging the revenue gap and overcoming the recruitment challenge.

With this in mind an on-demand webinar with Rsmart, a leading software products and services company, explores how airlines, handlers and airports can save headcount and capture 100% of all revenues through the implementation of optimisation software.

Rsmart Founder and Chief Business Officer, Varadharajan Chellappa, and Head of Business Development, Keith Purdom, showcase three innovative solutions which are making an impact on ramp operations across the world:

  • Resource Planning and Allocation
  • Aircraft Turnaround Management
  • PRM Handling

You can watch the interactive webinar here.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How Rsmart can save headcount on the ramp without compromising safety, OTP and SLA achievement
  • Learn the potential to reduce overtime by digitalisation
  • Understand the potential to enjoy better staff satisfaction by customising rosters to staff preferences – both full-time and part-time
  • Learn how your PRM services can provide better customer satisfaction with reduced headcount
  • See the potential to find revenue leakage for additional services performed over and above the standard turnaround charges

Watch the webinar now.

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