Menzies manages Houston airport fuel farm

Ground Handling
Menzies Aviation has been appointed to operate the fuel farm and hydrant fuelling system at Houston George Bush InterContinental Airport (IAH) in Houston, Texas.

The long-term contract with the IAH Fuel Company, a consortium of airline partners, will see a team of almost 40 Menzies employees maintain the facility.

IAH recently undertook a $65M upgrade of its fuelling operations, demonstrating the airport’s commitment to maintaining its world-class aviation infrastructure.

Randy Davies, SVP Fuel Americas, Menzies Aviation, said: “We’re excited to provide fuel storage and hydrant management services at one of the largest and busiest airports in the USA, working alongside the IAH Fuel Company. This new contract enhances Menzies’ presence in North America and underscores our position as the leading fuel farm operator across the region. Through the continued provision of high-quality fuel services, we look forward to supporting the future growth of the aviation sector in the USA and Canada, ensuring a safe and clean supply of jet fuel for years to come.”

Hassan El-Houry, Executive Chairman, Menzies Aviation, said: “Building on Menzies’ position as the largest fuel farm operator in North America, we’re delighted to expand our portfolio thanks to this long-term partnership with IAH Fuel Company. Following the upgrade of IAH’s fuelling operations, our new, dedicated team is set to provide exceptional fuel storage services through the expert maintenance of this cutting-edge facility.”


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