Etihad Airport Services Cargo upgrades to Hermes 5

Etihad Airport Services Cargo has updated its cargo management system to Hermes 5 from Hermes Logistics Technologies.

Hermes 5 forms a core of the Hermes Ecosystem, a suite of pay-as-you-go cargo management solutions that include Business Intelligence, Track & Trace, and a Learning Management.

The Hermes and Etihad teams worked together both on and offsite to reduce downtime at the hub in Abu Dhabi during the upgrade and ensure service stability following the switchover.

Following the contract renewal, Etihad will also utilise the Hermes Business Intelligence add-on.

Yuval Baruch, CEO of Hermes Logistics Technologies, said: “We are pleased to see Etihad Airport Services Cargo going live with our latest Hermes 5 on-premises in Abu Dhabi. We have worked with the company since 2015, and our teams have collaborated closely on this implementation to ensure a smooth switch-over.”

Naresh Ranganathan, Acting Vice President of Etihad Airport Services Cargo said upgrading to Hermes 5 was a success, saying, “We were able to complete the process ahead of schedule, thereby minimising downtime for our air cargo operations and enabling us to seamlessly resume normal business operations.”

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