Aviator and Lufthansa Group extend partnership in Gothenburg

Ground Handling UK & Europe
Aviator Airport Alliance has extended its partnership with the Lufthansa Group at Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport for 3 years.

Picture credit: Alex Tino Friedel, ATF Pictures

The contract, which runs until November 2026, will see Aviator continue to provide ground handling and de-icing services to Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Airlines.

Brussels Airlines will join the partnership agreement in April 2024.

Jo Alex Tanem, CEO of Aviator Airport Alliance, said: “After the expansion of the partnership, we will have around 75 weekly turns, and this is a bold sign of trust from our partners. We commit to delivering world-class ground handling and de-icing solutions that meet and exceed the industry's highest standards.”

Sven Thaler, Head of Ground Operations Continental North at Lufthansa Group, said: “Our partnership with Aviator has grown every year along with operational efficiency. I firmly believe that, built on mutual trust and respect, it will remain strong for many years to come. Having partners like Aviator is a key element of our success.”

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